İstanbul Clarinet Choir Soloists, Five Seasons concert on October 15th, 7.30 pm @ SGKM ! *Admission Free

Author: SGKM

İstanbul Clarinet Choir Soloists , Five Seasons Concert on October 15th, 7.30 pm @ SGKM ! *Admission Free

“Istanbul Clarinet Choir” consisting of young clarinet players hit the world of music in January 2009. The group which has been appreciated by the viewers for its dynamic staff, has drawn great attention with its unique repertoire, as well as its being the first clarinet choir in Turkey.

Six harmonic clarinet group, solo artists and assistants from Istanbul Clarinet Choir formed "Istanbul Clarinet Choir Soloists” who will be on SGKM stage with Vivaldi's "Four Seasons" known as the four famous violin concerto, as well as Astor Piazzolla's "Buenos Aires Winter Season.

These pieces will be performed by a choir of clarinets the first time, which makes it a World Premiere Performance.

*Shuttles:  There will be free shuttles between Hacıosman Metro-SGKM before and after the event. Please e-mail with your GSM number for reservation.