TALK by JIM CROW: Research on the Citadel at Sinope - 4 November at RCAC | KONUŞMA: Sinop Kalesi Üzerine Araştırmalar - 4 Kasım, ANAMED


Until recently the walls of the high security prison at Sinop have deterred archaeologists and interested visitors. Now the gates have been flung open it is possible to study the exceptional preserved wall of Sinop’s ancient citadel. Prof. Scott Redford has recently carried a detailed investigation of the exceptional sequence of Seljuk inscriptions situated on the citadel walls, published in his recent book, Legends of Authority (KUP 2014). As part of this study Prof Jim Crow of the University of Edinburgh was invited to provide a commentary on the structural history of the Sinop citadel and he will present his findings and explain how they can inform our understanding of Byzantine urbanism in the coastal regions of Asia Minor.