IR Seminar- Cas Mudde

Author: CASE
Time: 15:00
Location: CAS 127




Tuesday-May 23,2017

CAS 127

Name:  Cas Mudde - University of Georgia

Title: The Study of Populist Radical Right Parties: Towards a Fourth Wave

Date:  May 23,2017 -Tuesday

Place: CAS 127

Time: 15:00-16:30

Abstract: Since the start of the third wave of populist radical right politics in postwar Europe in the early 1980s, more articles and books have been written on far right parties than on all other party families combined. What are the main insights about the populist radical right that these hundreds of articles and books have provided us and what should future studies of the populist radical right parties focus on? This article critically assesses the progress made in recent research by focusing on four key aspects: scope, data and method, causes, and consequences. The main argument is that, although the scope of scholarship has finally moved beyond the usual suspects, meaning that more issues and parties are studied today, theoretical innovation, particularly with regard to explanations of the electoral success of populist radical right parties, has been marginal since early 1990s. Moreover, studies of party effects remain limited in number and scope, focusing mainly on immigration policies. Today, we need research which more explicitly acknowledges and theorizes the diversity within the far right party family, and goes beyond the paradigm of the outsider-challenger party.